Homeowner contractor services

Handyman – Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Water heaters, Smoke detectors, Flat screen TV mounting

Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling – We can help you make you dreams come true from design ideas until the job is completed we be there for you.

Electrical – Plug and Switch change out, Service panel change outs, Breaker replacements, ceiling fan installs, Lighting fixtures installed

Roofing Repairs – Shingle replacement, Flat roof patching,

Painting – Interior and Exterior Painting.

Energy Saving – Window insulation, Attic Insulation, Water Heater blankets.

Plumbing – Water Heater installs, Garbage disposals, Faucet change outs, Toilet installs, Toilet rebuilds,

Flooring – Tile, wood, Flooring repairs, Refinishing.

Carpentry – Door installs, Door knob and hardware installs, Baseboard, Crown Molding, Fascia replacement.

Landscaping – Timer Replacements, Irrigation valves, Sprinkler head replacement, Complete system over haul.

Koi Pond – Pond cleaning, Pond maintenance.

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