Painting services

Painting Services: surprisingly, the biggest mistakes with painting often seem to happen because of minor oversights, such as not taking the time to pick out a good brush or rushing to paint a second coat of color on a wall. And usually, in hindsight, the reasons for the bad paint job become so obvious.
If your paint job didn’t go as well as planned, at Encore Construction and Maintenance, we’ve got ways you can fix common painting mistakes such as drips, brush marks and stains.  Call us. be it for a new paint job, interior or exterior or any touch up (typically after roof leak damage).


Outdoor Painting issues

  • Blistering Paint

  • Alligatoring and Checking

  • Efflorescence

  • Chalking

  • Sagging or Running

  • Mildew

  • Rust Discoloration

  • Peeling Paint Due to Poor Adhesion

  • Peeling Paint Due to Exterior Moisture

  • Peeling Paint Due to Interior Moisture

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